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    Adding a default value to a table makes the ipairs method goes in a infinity loop

    Hello, I wanna know if this thing is something that could be fixed or there is a logical reason to have it, but if you add a "default value" to a table, like in other programming languages, for example a table that contains integer, a not declared index returns 0 instead of nil: list = <table...
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    Floating numbers print

    Try using string.format to see what's going on, in my case I did: print(string.format("%.20f", 298+2/3)) print(string.format("%.20f", 128+4/9*384)) print(298+2/3 == 128+4/9*384) And got: 298.66666666666668561447 298.66666666666662877105 false
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    Variable can't decide what it is

    The thing in the second, the function type returns a string and you are comparing with a non-string values: -- Bad print(type(event.params.var1) == string) print(type(event.params.var1) == table) -- Good print(type(event.params.var1) == "string") print(type(event.params.var1) == "table") So you...
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    I wanna handle errors, but a program I'm using makes it difficult for me

    Hello, I'm using Warcraft 3 and I wanna handle better the errors, because it don't have its own event log I wanna create it myself to improve its debugging, but I have problems: It doesn't print the errors or warns unless you use "xpcall(func, print)", I can do that but it will make the errors...
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    I don't know what do you mean, because this: for i = 1, 10 do print(math.random(-10, 10)) end printed me this: -6 5 5 -7 6 -10 -10 -10 4 4
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    Lua error. My file name is trans.lua. the error is - trans.lua:1: '=' expected

    Hey, why did you add the ';'?, lua don't use it. Edit: Nah, you can use it, I think is your code convention.
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    Do you know that the table is the variable "console" and not its childs?, but you can't do: console[1] = something Because console[1] is not a table, in fact, is not anything, the correct would be: console = {} console[1] = {} console[1].data = "a string" -- Or console = {{}} -- a table stored...
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    using global Variable in IF-THEN

    What if @Bobbie wanna use the 'require' function?
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    How to debug in Intellij

    Is not that a java compiler?
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    Lua self.<fieldName> not working as expected

    Because you defined the function 'addPlayer(player)' with the colon, but you called with just the dot newQueue.addPlayer(player) -- No newQueue:addPlayer(player) -- Yes If you don't know, what the colon does is adding an invisible parameter that is the table itself, basically: function...
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    How works _G and _ENV and what can I do with them?

    Thank you for the explanation.
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    How works _G and _ENV and what can I do with them?

    @GavinW I don't know, because I'm not much about reading long texts even if I'm interested in the topic, I do that but is too difficult to me, so I'm not sure in invest 27$ in a book (100 PEN in my country).
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    How works _G and _ENV and what can I do with them?

    I'm curious to know how they work and the information I found isn't enough so I need a better explanation and also wanna know what can I do with them because I see the programs that use Lua use them to create their global values.
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    Lua ignoring float type

    The library math have a function called math.type(number) that returns "float" or "integer" depending on the number or nil if is not a number, you can use it to see what is happening.
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    Ellipses assignment outside of a function?

    Don't you mean the first? because you add an extra comma.