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    using global Variable in IF-THEN

    There is no loop in the code you posted. You need to declare x = 0 outside of the loop.
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    Server migration

    Sorry for the downtime: the database crashed (no data was lost).
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    Server migration

    LuaForum.com has migrated from Godaddy to Amazon AWS. [x] migrate to aws [x] httpd -> nginx [x] https/tls [ ] email setup
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    Lua compiler

    How to install Lua on Windows
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    Lua compiler

    If you have Lua installed on your system, just run lua yourfile.lua in your terminal (or cmd).
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    Thread Rules

    I. Titles A title should describe the contents of a thread. A good rule of thumb is to write titles similar to what you would search for on Google. Bad title examples: “help please”, “I need help”, “problem”, “few questions”, “error”, etc. Good title example: “Is there a Lua function for...
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    G-Series API V8.45

    The Logitech G-Series uses Lua as its macro language. The API explains the following Lua functions: OnEvent GetMKeyState SetMKeyState Sleep OutputLogMessage GetRunningTime GetDate ClearLog PressKey ReleaseKey PressAndReleaseKey IsModifierPressed PressMouseButton ReleaseMouseButton...
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    Benefits of use Lua?

    The main benefit of using Lua is that you do not have to recompile large C++ projects. You can make changes, reload Lua scripts, and see its effect, while your C++ program is running. Lua scripts do not usually implement core/critical functionality, but is rather used for addon/extension...
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    Introduce Yourself

    Hey everyone, I've taken an idea from the Nginx forum to make Lua Forum more fun! New (and old) members can introduce themselves and their Lua experience in Member Chit Chat -> Introduce yourself
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    how to use goto or continue on LUA?

    You're just missing the end keyword after the last goto continue
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    Official Lua Forum GitHub

    I like the PGP idea. What use cases do you see there? I have some ideas, but I want to hear yours.
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    Official Lua Forum GitHub

    There's now an official Lua Forum GitHub account! Any ideas on what we can build together? GitHub link: github.com/luaforum
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    [WIP] Restia: My dumb attempt at a web framework

    In readme.md Section: Building the Documentation: ldoc link https://github.com/DarkWiiPlayer/restia/blob/master/ldoc returns 404 not found, try in incognito mode Section: Contributing: ldoc link lunarmodules/LDoc, has a syntax error (comma at the end)
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    [WIP] Restia: My dumb attempt at a web framework

    Nice. Btw, the ldoc link in the readme is broken. If the target audience is "Ruby users", then make the transition as easy as possible for them.
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    Reliability in production

    Hi all :) I received this email from the CEO of a company: I've found that openresty lua is very good for MVP and prototyping, but can not be safely used in production. Particularly, socket connections to mysql and redis are dying silently on a high load condition. You connect, check that the...