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  1. darkwiiplayer

    Reliability in production

    I've also played with the tarantool http module for a while and it looks very usable. I haven't used it to the extent where I could tell whether it's reliable enough to be used in production, but on the surface at least it seems to be working quite well.
  2. darkwiiplayer

    [WIP] Restia: My dumb attempt at a web framework

    Ah, now I see... Damn that's a dumb error: I used `()` instead of `[]` in a markdown link! Thanks for pointing that out :D
  3. darkwiiplayer

    [WIP] Restia: My dumb attempt at a web framework

    Ruby users are happy with ruby, so I don't think many of them are looking for an alternative, and the design principles of restia are quite different from what rails considers "good" anyway. I was more hoping to pick up those who want some of the easy prototyping that rails offers, but who...
  4. darkwiiplayer

    Sets please

    > But as these are associative tables rather than indexed tables Well, yes, but that's how sets usually work. Unless you want to throw them into an array, which nobody does for obvious reasons, you'll be using a hashset, which is not much different than a hashmap that maps values to booleans...
  5. darkwiiplayer

    Sets please

    What's wrong with `{a = true, b = true, [20] = true}`? You can easily build your own set methods on top of that and if you do it as a C extension it will perform as if it were natively supported.
  6. darkwiiplayer

    [WIP] Restia: My dumb attempt at a web framework

    Greetings Lua Forum! Today I'd like to share a little project I'm working on: Restia, a new framework for building web applications (and other web stuff, really) Let me explain: The original idea was to build a lightweight framework for web applications, but throwing out all of the magic that...
  7. darkwiiplayer

    Lua vs. JavaScript

    Not at all. JS is filled with so many bad design decisions that it shows all the time. Weird cases like the empty string being treated as falsey in if statements break many techniques that you can easily use in Lua, to name one example. Lua has tl now, which is already looking very promising...