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  1. dinsdale247

    Announcing WinLua Toolchain Installer - Release 2012a

    Good news everyone! WinLua Toolchain 2012a is ready. WinLua Toolchain is now ready for general distribution. Winlua is a Windows development environment dedicated to Lua and C (and begrudgingly C++). WinLua Toolchain provides a (nearly) complete development environment in a windows MSI...
  2. dinsdale247

    New Forum for Old Libraries

    Lua is an amazing software language because it can be embedded in almost anywhere. Because it's so small and flexible it's been extended in a number of amazing ways with amazing libraries. BUT, we all know that Lua isn't a main stream language and often times authors are forced to abandon their...
  3. dinsdale247

    Forum For LuaRocks Authors

    Hello fellow scripters. I'd like to thank @Maksumić for creating a new board for LuaRocks related discussions. LuaRocks is the defacto Lua package manager when one is using Lua as a desktop scripting language. LuaRocks works on Linux, Mac and Windows and gives scripters the ability to download...
  4. dinsdale247

    Lua, Sol 3 and C++ (Oh, My!): Part Deux - We Like Our Toes.

    Lua, Sol 3 and C++ (Oh, My!): Part Deux - We Like Our Toes. Welcome Back Kids Wow, you came back! Maybe you really do want to learn to use Lua with C++? If you managed to stick through the first part of my series on using Sol 3 then you just might have the pain threshold that suites true C++...
  5. dinsdale247

    Lua, Sol 3 and C++ (Oh, My!) : Part 1 - Nice Doggy.

    Lua, Sol 3 and C++ (Oh, My!) : Part 1 - Nice Doggy. I've seen a couple of questions now about embedding Lua in C++. While it is certainly possible to use the C API in C++, I wanted to introduce a pure C++ interface to Lua called Sol 3. Sol3 is a template based approach to Lua. It is...