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  1. mid

    Thoughts on upcoming changes in 5.4?

    Not that I know of, unfortunately. Your best bet is probably the mailing list, which has the information scattered all around the place.
  2. mid

    Thoughts on upcoming changes in 5.4?

    Obviously, nothing is concrete as of the moment. I mean the potential changes that are still in discussion. So far, these were the (big only) changes: Warning system. This is, AFAIK, a pretty controversial addition on the mailing list. I don't remember what the arguments against it are, but I...
  3. mid

    Common pitfalls to avoid in Lua

    There is no good solution to that problem, which is why programming languages leave it up to you to decide. This is a fundamental issue with how floating point works, it's inaccurate by design (the operations, not the numbers themselves), but it has huge range. There's ideas for other...