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  1. GavinW


    Alas I never managed to compile LuaJIT for RISC OS. I don't think there is any profound reason why not, as after all it is just a question of ARM32 assembler and ANSI C. But I found the instructions for compiling LuaJIT hurt my head and the tools were not available (why should they be?). It is a...
  2. GavinW

    RISC OS RiscLua's differences

    As Sorn has kindly put links to RiscLua on the Lua page of the forum I thought I might briefly say something about it, and how it differs from standard Lua. The intention behind it was to provide a programming language with all the modern features of Lua, which could also be used like BBC BASIC...
  3. GavinW

    Program Layout

    My preferences for how to lay out a Lua program, so that it is easy to understand, may not be yours. Fortunately this forum gives you the chance to express your several disagreements. But I will try to give reasons, or excuses, for my choices. The first matter concerns functions. Programming...
  4. GavinW

    Lua and the space/time duality

    Functions f(x) use a fixed amount of space and who knows how much time, whereas tables t[x] use a fixed amount of time and who knows how much space. The traditional speed-up, trading space for time, is called memoization: memoize = function (f) local t = { } return...