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    Lua + Blockchain

    Any cool blockchain projects that uses Lua out there? I know Bitcoin has its own assembly-like script system (without loops etc.) because it's so critical. But I imagine other, less critical projects could use Lua, especially since many blockchain projects are written in C++. @Egor...
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    Embedding Lua in C/C++

    I'm following @stetre's amazing guide (link to guide) on how to embed Lua in C/C++ Lua version: 5.3 Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS These are the additional steps I had to take to get it to work: Note: I'm a complete beginner, and it may be obvious to more experienced Lua developers, but...
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    Lua 'end' syntax

    Is there any way to make the Lua end syntax more similar to Ada's end syntax? e.g.: end if, end loop, end Function_Name I'm currently using comments to emulate the Ada syntax, e.g.: function Get_Max (A, B) if (A > B) then return A; else return B; end -- if end -- Get_Max...