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  1. S

    Roblox Admin Script

    Hello, i want to create my own admin script and i need some help on the command holder and how i left a while ago roblox i forgot everything. i want to create something like this:
  2. R

    How to Create a Thread which prints a word ervery 3 seconds in lua?

    I need help with creating a Thread which gives out a word every 3 Seconds. ("Hallo") And this should happen endless how to do this in lua? Thanks for your time (:
  3. henwrite

    Lua Encryption Type

    Hello everyone, I want to ask for help what type of encryption is used for this file, I'm learning to be a reverse engineer, please help everyone.
  4. Unitscan

    Print table at specific table depth

    I have this table stuff = { fruit = { yellow = { "Banana" }, red = { "Apple" } }, city = { "Toronto" }, name = { "Claudia" } } function scope(tbl,depth) for k, v in...
  5. S

    calculating position with given params

    Howdy! so since im restricted to realise it in Lua i post my problem here. furthermore im restricted to some ingame limitations (game: stormworks) so i cant use any fancy libs. i sounded so simple but drove me a bit crazy. What i need: the global(not relative to object A) 3D (x,y,z) position of...
  6. MianQi

    Windows lua.exe: error while loading shared libraries: lua54.dll: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    I downloaded lua-5.4.4.tar.gz here - Lua: download area, the I made a "lua" directory under C: on Windows 10, then I opened MinGW and extracted it, so I had a folder "lua-5.4.4". Then I typed"make PLAT=mingw" and "make install", they all ran correctly, I mean no error prompted. Then I got 2...
  7. A

    Lua ignoring float type

    Hello, I´m calling a function in lua to get some data via ubus. I need to show this info in a web. The table this method returns is the following. The problem is lua is just getting some of the data, not all. I can´t get the float values. When I iterate the table c_r, c_s, c_t and soc don´t...
  8. I

    Getting a script parsing error but have my ends for {

    I am getting these two errors when running a script. One is in the config and one is in my main.lua in my server. I dont see where I am missing an end in either of these. See below. [ script:ic_pawnshop] Error parsing script @ic_pawnshop/server/main.lua in resource ic_pawnshop...
  9. 2

    Lua + Blockchain

    Any cool blockchain projects that uses Lua out there? I know Bitcoin has its own assembly-like script system (without loops etc.) because it's so critical. But I imagine other, less critical projects could use Lua, especially since many blockchain projects are written in C++. @Egor...
  10. AdrifBC

    scan creations and result comparison

    Hello ! can you ask the question the problem that I was asked is to be able to create a backup file, (list, table) to then be able to compare and target the changes made (participants who no longer respond to a Ping for the example and the address would be highlighted) I have to make a...
  11. adamstc222

    Help with adding a button

    Hello I need help adding a button to my game I just want it to be a button that shows instructions for my game when it is pressed please can someone help. Here is my code: --displays title screen local titleBg local playBtn local creditsBtn local titleView --Author: Adam St Clair --App...
  12. 2

    Embedding Lua in C/C++

    I'm following @stetre's amazing guide (link to guide) on how to embed Lua in C/C++ Lua version: 5.3 Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS These are the additional steps I had to take to get it to work: Note: I'm a complete beginner, and it may be obvious to more experienced Lua developers, but...
  13. Sina Dehghani

    Windows How can I make a drm in the Lua?

    Hello! I am newbie ... So forgive me for my questions Please and Please and Please Help me: How can I make a drm in the Autoplay Media Studio software? DRM is a special player for playing a movie in my own format, which I have to create a solution for encryption with a special format and a...
  14. T

    Function return value is coming out of a subfunction

    I am not quite sure whether the thread title fits perfectly, but I am not entirely sure how else I could call it. local meta = FindMetaTable("Player") function meta:GetCharacterTable() if not self:IsPlayer() then return {} end local q = db:query("SELECT * FROM sid_" ...
  15. G

    Programming In Lua Book

    Hi, i just bought the fourth edition of Programming in Lua, i saw that there are exercices in it. I didn't find any correction for them. Is there any somewhere?
  16. S

    Reliability in production

    Hi all :) I received this email from the CEO of a company: I've found that openresty lua is very good for MVP and prototyping, but can not be safely used in production. Particularly, socket connections to mysql and redis are dying silently on a high load condition. You connect, check that the...
  17. dinsdale247

    Announcing WinLua Toolchain Installer - Release 2012a

    Good news everyone! WinLua Toolchain 2012a is ready. WinLua Toolchain is now ready for general distribution. Winlua is a Windows development environment dedicated to Lua and C (and begrudgingly C++). WinLua Toolchain provides a (nearly) complete development environment in a windows MSI...
  18. CoolBuys1290

    Need Help with Chat Toggle in Open Tibia Client.

    I need to know the lua modification to toggle chat with enter key after clicking the wasd checkbox in Open Tibia Client. Using client 7.72. Please help, Thanks, CoolBuys1290
  19. dinsdale247

    Lua, Sol 3 and C++ (Oh, My!): Part Deux - We Like Our Toes.

    Lua, Sol 3 and C++ (Oh, My!): Part Deux - We Like Our Toes. Welcome Back Kids Wow, you came back! Maybe you really do want to learn to use Lua with C++? If you managed to stick through the first part of my series on using Sol 3 then you just might have the pain threshold that suites true C++...
  20. 2

    Lua 'end' syntax

    Is there any way to make the Lua end syntax more similar to Ada's end syntax? e.g.: end if, end loop, end Function_Name I'm currently using comments to emulate the Ada syntax, e.g.: function Get_Max (A, B) if (A > B) then return A; else return B; end -- if end -- Get_Max...