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  1. IvanJameNorseweald

    Roblox Button doesn't makes visible the frame located in other GUI

    I've been trying to make this button makes visible a frame that is in other Gui, but it just doesnt work and says "FrameCustom wasn´t found" in the output. I've tried to change it to it enables the gui instead make visible the frame but it get's worse, well it doesn't give me errors in the...
  2. H

    Instance scripts?

    I was working in CoreGames for a couple of months, and I'm curious about how it works, basically the scripts can be objects, also can be instanceable, all the same script with its variables and functions, just in different contexts, is like they work as "functions" instead of being the main...
  3. I

    Getting a script parsing error but have my ends for {

    I am getting these two errors when running a script. One is in the config and one is in my main.lua in my server. I dont see where I am missing an end in either of these. See below. [ script:ic_pawnshop] Error parsing script @ic_pawnshop/server/main.lua in resource ic_pawnshop...
  4. damian

    Roblox How to use RemoteEvents in Roblox Studio

    In this tutorial, I will go over: How to detect when a user clicks a part using ClickDetector How to send a request through RemoteEvent How to read the request inside of another script Please comment if I missed anything, and without further ado, let's begin...